How “the flow of the game” should influence your poker decisions
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Humans are not robots. Poker can have a very emotional flow the game that can make experienced players lose control of this strategy as their pile rises and falls.

A tight player with all ranges well-remembered may start to chip in after losing a couple of big baskets. A manic 3-bettor can simply take his foot off the gas when it feels like no one is working. The caller channel can start a superhero after flaunting those nuts too often.

This brings us to a recent request from our Swing Laboratory member-only group:

Let’s say you have a good table image and have bluffed one of the players from the previous three pots. Would you try to knock him down on the next hand if the particular situation (along with your hands) justified it? Or are you slowing down as a result of your recent historical past?

Input game stream.

What is the gameplay?

Flow the game identifies this typical experience of how a particular table is currently playing, in addition to the recent history between players.

How Game Flow can affect video games?

Poker is a game of incomplete information, so it is imperative that you use everything that is open to your advantage. When there is strong evidence that a new player will act in a certain way, adjusting your plan may simply pay dividends.

For example, if a new player is upset about being bluffed, they may be less inclined to fold in the near future. In this scenario, there will be a little less reasonable bluffing and you will expand your own choices for value betting.

Two caveats about the game’s flow that cannot be highlighted

Stage 1: There is a difference between sound advice and guesswork.

This can happen despite the fact that there are not many (or even some) signs that indicate that their premise is correct.

This is a really huge mistake that you must plan in order to prevent it.

Let’s say you are 3-betting a lot right now because you have merged the dining table. In hand 1, you now 3-bet with the appropriate connector and the hands are open. If you are skeptical about 3-bet coverage next moment?

The answer to this question depends on the answer to these questions:

  • Does your competition feel like you’re 3-betting aggressively?
  • Can they figure out how to make a correction versus a competitive 3-bettor?
  • Can your competition notice that you are 3-betting lighting?

When it comes to all of your competitors, the answer to all of these queries is most likely no, you don’t need to change your ending.

I do not cover the alleged broadcast of matches [within the framework of my own Zoom matches]. What exactly if you could be against someone like me who doesn’t even know what happened inside the previous fetus? You are simply putting together a certain degree of sophistication with no profit.

Let’s not give the flow the game matches kick out of this window for now.

Freed admits that his approach has a lot to do with the simple fact that he mostly plays Zoom games, even if you are unlikely to find any dynamics at the dining table due to the constant movement of the table.

But at regular tables or in a live match, which is just a much more practical place to think about game flow in your account, you need to be very careful about investing in match flow.

This brings us to stage 2:

2) Make small changes, maybe not insane deviations.

We humans are very happy to start looking for a daily routine, especially at the table. It is a really common mistake to attend one showdown, paint a finish that is too extreme, and make too many changes in search of an opportunity to curb the competition.

In fact, your changes should be in direct proportion to the number of characters available to you. Of course, one of the moderators of the Members-only group (Adam McLaughlin) put it very well:

Make small adjustments, but don’t go crazy without significant evidence in the form of significant sample sizes or autopsies.

Just proceed slowly

If you find something that indicates that your competitor has a certain trend or their plan is changing, start by changing your game as little as possible.

Based on the “imagine I’ve already bluffed a lot” example early in the day, this may involve bluffing a little less often (exclude a couple of combinations) than you normally would, while the expansion of your betting value may vary slightly.

In case you finally get enough information to justify making an even more radical modification (for example, not bluffing against a new player who definitely hates folding), do it with funds.


How much the broadcasting of matches should affect your plan depends a lot on the type of matches you play with. The more hours specific people spend on the entertainment today and the more personal they get, the more coincidences will happen. But then the rating of the game stream can easily be overestimated.

Instead of making huge changes centered on unbridled premises, wait for data to be collected that confirms that your huge changes are justified. In addition, the level to which you have to improve should scale with all the reliability and value of the advice you collect.

Ready to find out more about the flow the game does? Take a look at 3 questions to keep in mind when fixing curl.

That’s all for now. Let me find out what you think of live streaming in the comments below!

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