Best Casinos Accepting Bitcoin
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Before jumping into a platform that uses cryptocurrencies, you will definitely need the assistance of a good guide on this payment method! Thanks to this review, you are going to find the best casinos accepting bitcoin, which guarantees you a completely secure adventure.  You will also discover the advantages of Bitcoin on an online casino and many tips to become an expert.

What are the Advantages of a Bitcoin Casino?

There are several reasons why more and more casino players are now turning to virtual gambling dens specializing in Bitcoin. Here are the advantages of a bitcoin Casino over a regular site:

  • Transaction Fees: You can have fun at a free bitcoin casino since no payment fees are usually applicable. While some payment solutions have no fees, they can be used completely free of charge;
  • Discreet Transactions: When you pay in bitcoin, there is no information about the site where you made your purchases. Everything is therefore anonymous, and only lines of code appear when you access your wallet;
  • Fast transactions: if transfers are not done instantly with this option, you will still receive your funds at your bitcoin casino within a maximum of one hour. It usually takes about ten minutes for the transaction to be visible;
  • Alternative to traditional credit cards: while Internet users generally tend to make payments with cards, this alternative may prove to be ideal since it combines ease of use, the other qualities of the card as well as advantages additional;
  • Secure payments: transfers made with this solution are fully protected since they go through powerful algorithms. You will therefore not be able to be hacked or see your funds disappear;
  • Safe Gaming: Until now, fairness in machine draws has depended solely on the player’s trust in the establishment they are a client of. Through the use of Provably Fair technology, the algorithm on which the cryptocurrency is based is now guaranteed and verifiable at all times;
  • More attractive redistribution rates: there are also gains that can be up to 2% higher than with traditional operators. It doesn’t seem like it at first glance, but it is a variation that has a huge impact on registrant bankrolls over the long term;
  • Exclusive games: if these operators are now attracting more and more fans of titles, it is also because some entertainment is exclusive to a particular house. So you will find options that will be nowhere else.

What are the Disadvantages of a Bitcoin Casino?

Going through a bitcoin casino guarantees you access to many advantages, but we must not forget that, like any alternative, the cryptocurrency casino also has its limits. Here are the main drawbacks:

  1. Bitcoin casinos are only very recent: Bitcoin casinos have only emerged very recently, and therefore not all of them offer optimized products and services. In addition, some users prefer to join interfaces that have years of experience behind them, and this will not yet be possible with a bitcoin casino;
  2. Transactions are not instantaneous: if, as we have seen previously, you receive your funds within approximately 1 hour, the transfers do not take place immediately, unlike the other options. Some customers in a bit of a hurry may not be satisfied by this expectation;
  3. The volatility of bitcoin and other cryptos: some skeptics still find it difficult to get into this area because cryptocurrencies are very volatile. One day they can be very valuable and fall apart the next day. Caution must therefore be exercised.

Bonuses Available on the Bitcoin Casino

A good bitcoin casino must necessarily offer interesting promotions, and this at many times of your life on the site.

  • Classic welcome bonus: When you sign up, the establishment should give you a promotion that is both generous and easy to use;
  • Bitcoin bonus without deposit: some operators even offer you cash amounts as soon as you register. You receive some BTCs that you can use for free on entertainment;
  • Free spins: as with the classic interfaces, you can play several spins without paying when the house offers this type of operation. The number of free spins will vary, but these offers are always interesting;
  • VIP program: in each review, we also specify whether or not the operator offers rewards for VIPs. You can sometimes receive BTCs cash, free spins or boosts on deposits;
  • Regular promotions: promotions offered by a corresponding establishment are important elements to take into account in the selection of a brand. The higher the amounts at stake and the regularity, the more it will be considered as an interesting casino by our services;
  • Wagering Requirements: One of the most important things is how the bids are set up. We, therefore, systematically give you our opinion on the unlocking conditions, the games that can be used with promotions, withdrawal limits, etc.

Available Bitcoin Casino Games

One of the common threads between players new to a Bitcoin casino site is the fear of accessing too limited a range of games. While it is true that some interfaces suffer a bit from too few entertainment options, others have understood that this is an essential element to attract customers, and therefore have bet everything on this aspect. 

By carefully selecting the operator on which you will play, you will be able to access a wide variety of titles, including of course:

  • Slots: some of the slots are brand new and are only offered with this technology, so you can discover titles that you have never encountered before;
  • Blackjack: the famous card game is also available using your virtual coins;
  • Roulette: the most adored table game across the planet, can also be used on these interfaces;
  • Table games: there will also be plenty of other entertainment on the program, including video poker games, poker, baccarat, and more. ;
  • Dice games: if you are a fan of sic bo, dice slots or craps, you will find what you are looking for;
  • Lottery games: keno, bingo and other drawing games can also be used at your convenience.

You will understand, the entertainment will be the same as that available in a classic casino, with however a little extra security. A game library including many contents will always be valued by our services.

Our Opinion on the Best Bitcoin Casino in 2021: Bit Casino

It is clear that in the light of all the operators offering payments of this type, we have been able to identify a major player ranking as the best bitcoin casino in 2021. Here are some elements that confirm that claims to be the most successful of the operators offering a cash payment system of this type:

✔ + 1,200 titles: all classic titles will be presented to you within the establishment;

✔ Withdrawals in 1 day: a huge advantage of this system, it allows you to complete your requests in just one day. A delay which is generally 5 or 7 days for other payment tools;

✔ + 15 suppliers: all the biggest publishers on the market will be present.

From giant Betsoft to pioneer Microgaming, you are bound to find the titles you are looking for in the supplier category.

These 3 strengths are just examples, however, offers many more possibilities. The operator will offer you in particular four available languages, all regulated by the recognized legal bodies of Curaçao. In other words, it is currently the best operator offering Bitcoin deposits.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency that was created in 2009 by an IT developer whose name is currently unknown. Only the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto would have been registered by the world authorities.

A name that cannot be traced back to the creator’s data is, until now, completely unknown. The currency is not based on any specific entity, and the management of transactions is therefore taken over by the global IT network.

Bitcoin can only be used via the web and allows users to pay without going through the actual option. A cryptocurrency operating under the principle of the “blockchain”, this means that the currency does not benefit from any supervisory body. Its operation is only due to the creation of databases whose main information comes from the users themselves.

In other words, it is a huge data chain whose information added by users widens the main links. The advantage of blockchain is characterized by the visualization of constant data. Users have the ability to view all transactions through a blockchain ledger.

Nowadays, Bitcoin is proving to be controlled by European states in order to protect its advance. In particular, a European unit has been created to monitor the various developments and advances in these solutions. An alternative whose price is defined by supply and demand, as a classic alternative would be. Bitcoin is now used on many operators and, in particular, allows a user to pay anonymously.

How to Buy Bitcoins?

Bitcoin now has a large, extensive network that anyone can purchase. A crypto-currency now offered at a global level whose simple clicks are enough to acquire its value.

Cryptos can therefore be purchased from specialized wallets and are then directly transferred to your personal account. There are a large number of sites that accept your electronic wallet of this type. Here are a few examples here:

  • Etoro;
  • Binance;
  • BitMEX;
  • Kraken.

All you need to do is create an account on the site of your choice and then proceed to purchase BTCs. Of course, confirmation of your identity using your ID card will be imperative. This is intended to prevent possible money laundering that may take place within specialized sites.

One way to ensure additional security for each user. Once this transfer has been made, your currency will be usable for a good number of purchases on the web but also for deposits on a gambling site.

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